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Your donations of time and money have helped lift 81,750 of people out of poverty.

Help KindSight create sustainable economies across the globe.

Ending poverty starts with people just like you. Through KindSight, you can help people work their way out of poverty and build a better future.

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Stopping poverty at its roots changes everything.

The APOKO project: With the right tools and knowledge, coffee farming can lift families out of poverty. Help farmers in Kenya get the training, equipment and services they need to grow more and better coffee.

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Spreading the word about KindSight is just as important as donating your time and money. Use the links below (and around the site) to let people know how they can help end poverty.

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You should know where your money is going.

It’s important to know what’s happening with your donations. That’s why KindSight lets you sponsor specific items – like building wells, buying seeds and sending farmers to trainings – and then shows you the actual people you’re helping through regular updates, photos and videos.

Each gift is an investment in the futures of farmers and their families. With your help, they will get the tools and training they need to work their way out of poverty.

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