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KindSight works in three regions: Africa, Asia & the Middle East and Latin America. Choose a project you want to support and then see how you’re making a difference with regular updates, photos and stories.

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APOKO | Africa
KENYA amount raised 1% ($1,780)
With the right tools and knowledge, coffee farming can lift families out of poverty. Farmers in the Rachuonyo South District of Kenya face several challenges that have kept them from being successful in coffee.

The APOKO: Coffee Farmers in Kenya project will give these farmers the tools they need to work their way out of poverty by strengthening the cooperatives’ ability to provide important services like:
  • Training and support on how to get the most out of their coffee plants
  • Quality processing equipment to increase coffee quality and sales price
  • A savings and credit union where members can safely keep their money and access loans
With these tools, farmers will be able to grow more coffee and increase its quality, improving their farms and increasing their incomes.
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PRADAN | Asia & The Middle East
INDIA amount raised 10% ($30,733)
In rural India, women depend on farming to feed and support their families. Many can't grow enough, which means their families live in poverty. The PRADAN: Women Farmers of India project helps women escape the cycle of poverty.
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Completed Projects

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ARADO | Latin America
Bolivia amount raised 100% ($151,245)
Tinguipaya is one of Bolivia's poorest regions with an estimated 93 percent of the population living in extreme poverty. Most families depend on their crops to eat, but there's a limited amount of land and water to grow food, meaning many go undernourished - especially children.
Dionisa Choque is a farmer living in Tinguipaya. Like most of her community, Dionisia and her family grew mostly potatoes, which has been the main staple in local diets for decades.
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HADIN KAÏ | Africa
Niger amount raised 100% ($453,106)
Araga Danrani, 75, is a farmer living in Niger. Across West Africa, countries have experienced a combination of drought and rising food costs that has left more than 18.7 million people at risk for hunger. In Niger, where the annual income is about $340 and 49 percent of people depend on agriculture for income, that threat is all too real.
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