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How Can I Help?

KindSight lets you use all your gifts – time, money and voice – to help end global poverty. By sponsoring specific items – like building wells, buying seeds and sending farmers to trainings – you’re investing in the futures of farmers and their families. With your help, they will get the tools and training they need to work their way out of poverty.

Help Any Way You Can

Donate your time, money and voice and help end global poverty.

Donate Your Time

Give your time by pledging a day like your birthday, an anniversary or special event, like running a 5k. Ask your family and friends to support you with a donation to KindSight. Who knows – you could start the next fundraising sensation!
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Donate Your Money

Give your money by making one-time or monthly contributions. Choose the items you want to support and then see how you’re making a difference with regular updates, photos and stories.
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Donate Your Voice

Give your voice to share important information and stories about the people you’re helping with your friends and followers. It’s fast and easy – and makes a big difference! Look for sharing links all over the website.

Join others in the fight against global poverty.

Getting involved is as easy!

Step 1

Sign Up!

Join the community – create an account and help stop global poverty in its tracks. Great things can happen when you use whatever gifts you have to offer – your time, your money and your voice!

Step 2

Give Your Way

How do YOU want to give?
Use your time: Give up your birthday or set-up and online event.
Use your money: Make a one-time or monthly donation.
Use your voice: Share KindSight with people you know on social media.
However you choose to give, you are making a difference!

Step 3

Pick an Item

Fund your piece of the puzzle. It takes more than one piece to make a project whole – a bag of seeds here, irrigation training there… everything works together to help people in need. KindSight is unique because you get to choose exactly which item to fund to help complete the puzzle!

Step 4

Watch your gifts go the distance.

Your profile tracks all the ways you give – time, money, and voice – and shows you how you’re making a difference. See how many lives you’ve touched, check-out the badges you’ve earned, and get updates about how people are using the tools you’ve given them to work their way out of poverty.

Are you ready to help fight global poverty?

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